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West Virginians for Life

I am proud to announce that I have been endorsed by West Virginians for Life.

I stand so proud with this pro-life organization. I will stand strong and protect

our most innocent, our unborn.

West Virginia Coal Association

West Virginia’s rich history is built on the back of coal mining, so much so that they are one of the figures on our State Seal. The hard work, and dedication of Coal Miners has helped build our great State.

I am proud to have the unanimous endorsement from the West Virginia Coal Association for the 2020 Election

West Virginia Citizens Defense League

I am very proud to have received an A rating from West Virginia Citizens Defense League - WVCDL. I am so proud of this rating, I have stood and fought side by side with this group and the members for the last 8 years. I will stand strong and fight hard to protect our 2nd Amendment. I believe it is our most important one, because without it, We will certainly lose all others.

Family Policy Council of West Virginia

I am Proud to be endorsed by The Family Policy Council of West Virginia.

ABCWV - Associated Builders and Contractors West Virginia Chapter

I am proud to be endorsed by the Associated Builders and Contractors of West Virginia

Boots of Recovery

I am proud to receive an A+ rating and the endorsement from Boots of Recovery.

US Senator Shelley Moore Capito

I have proudly been endorsed by our US Senator Shelley Moore Capito. This is such an honor for me to have her endorsement.

US Congressman Alex Mooney

I am happy to announcement my Endorsement by Congressman Alex Mooney


I have received the endorsement from OMEGA the WV Oil Manufacturers and  Grocers Association

WV Trucking Association

Proudly endorsed by the WV Trucking Association.

NRA - National Rifle Association

I am proud to stand strong with Gun Owners and our 2nd Amendment rights.

I am a Conceal Carry Permit holder, a member of the NRA, WVCDL and I carry my firearm daily. I also educate women on Conceal Carry in any situation/outfit.

I have lobbied for our Gun Rights and proud to say I worked with WVCDL and the NRA and helped with passing Constitutional Carry in WV. Speaking in front of legislative committees and at public hearings in front of All West Virginians.

I will continue to support and fight for our 2nd Amendment rights. You will never have to worry where I stand. I am the only TRUE 2nd Amendment advocate and protector in this race. I would appreciate your vote in this election.

WV Chamber of Commerce

I am honored to receive the endorsement from the WV Chamber of Commerce. I am the Pro-Business/Pro-Jobs/Pro-Growth Candidate for the 8th Senate District. I would like to thank the Chamber for recognizing that I am that candidate and WILL BE that Senator.


The Chamber realizes that I am the Candidate that is focused on growing the WV Economy. That takes improving our public school system, getting dependable, high speed broadband to every home, and quality roads.


My opponent has been impotent on all those fronts, and a party line puppet focusing his efforts on gun control and increasing access to abortion as a method of birth control.

WV Commissioner of Agriculture
Kent Leonhadrt

I am proud to have the endorsement of our Commissioner of Agriculture Kent Leonhardt. It has been a pleasure over the years working with Kent on many of our Freedoms. I look forward to continuing the great working relationship we have.

WV Attorney General
Patrick Morrisey

I am very happy to have the endorsement from our WV Attorney

General Patrick Morrisey. I have worked with Patrick on many

conservatives issues and will continue to work him while in the


Metallurgical Coal Producers Association
West Virginia PAC

I am proud to have the backing and endorsements of our Metallurgical Coal Producing industry.

The Metallurgical Coal Producers Association WV PAC represents Metallurgical Coal Producers Association. Members of the group include Contura Energy, Coronado Coal, United Coal, and RAMACO Resources. They represent roughly 6000 employees, 50 coal mines, and 33% of the nation's total Metallurgical coal production.

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